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Strength 4Kids is an exercise and condition after-school program designed for elementary school children (Ages 5-12). This structured program, since 2001, utilizes the Strength 4 Kids exercise program designed to promote a positive attitude towards fitness. Strength 4Kids promotes muscle tone, coordination, correct posture and delivers basic nutritional guidelines for healthy eating habits. 




Habits are formed early in life. Just as with study habits, young people develop a sustainable fitness lifestyle. There are a growing percentage of children who are overweight in the United States. Many children have a diet filled with fast foods due to the fast pace environment we live in.There are few organized core conditioning classes offered in our elementary school system. To fill this void, STRENGTH 4 KIDS provides a program wherechildren will enjoy exercising while becoming physically fit.

STRENGTH 4 KIDS is held Wednesdays from 2:30-3:30pm. A certificate of completion is awarded to all participants. Scholarships are readily available.

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