Cindi Gans

"I have been training with Cindi for several years, I started her workout class in the park and continue to attend the class plus I have a private lesson during the week. I am a runner, half and full marathons. Cindi is also an experienced runner and knows the weights and exercises I need to perform in order to make my core stronger so I benefit and improve my running. She also makes sure that I perform the stretches that help me to stay injury free. When I am working with her I never feel that I will become injured. She is very knowledgeable and cautious with us. She makes sure our form is correct when performing in her classes. She is focused and expects you to give all that you can, but at the same time understands that everyone is at a different level. It doesn’t matter how many girls are in the class she has the experience and ability to work and push each one to the level that they are capable of. I have and will continue to train with Cindi and refer her to all, plus she is a very warm and compassionate person that you want to spend time with, even if she is pushing you to the max." read more


Saturday, December 15, 2018 | 8:31:42 AM

Proud Member of American Council on Exercise
ACE - American Council on Excercise - Personal Trainer Long Beach, CA

Cindi Gans Personal Trainer providing the very best in Personal Training Long Beach, CA for all your fitness needs including cardiovascular, weight training, core conditioning, balance, interval training,
boot camps and much more for children, adults & seniors.
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