Strength Sundays Strength One-On-One Strength for 2 (1 on 2) Strength 4Kids

Strength Sundays

Strength Sundays is an exercise and conditioning program designed for women. This program consists of group exercise instruction to promote muscle tone, coordination, correct posture and a positive mental attitude.

Each class provides a total-body workout. Strength Sundays meets Sunday from 8 -9 AM at Mothers Beach on Appian Way Naples Island, Long Beach CA. . Each class is $20.00 or you can purchase a 10 consecutive week pack for $100.00

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Strength One-On-One

Strength One-On One-offers traditional weight lifting, Hi Intensity Interval Training, core conditioning, pliometrics, mat pilates, and flexibility exercises.

Personal (one-on one) training advantages include personalized goal setting, individual assessment, and customized sessions. Receiving the full attention of the trainer typically facilitates quicker learning and faster results.

One-on-one training consists of an individual program design based on your specific needs and abilities. Training sessions last for 55 minutes to one hour. Each session cost $75.00.

Strength for 2 (1 on 2)

Why not share an hour with a friend? After a brief questionnaire, you and your new training partner will have a unique program designed. Each one hour session is $50.00 per person.

Strength 4Kids

Strength 4Kids is an exercise and conditioning after school program designed for elementary school children (ages 5-12.) This structured program, now in its ninth year, utilizes the Strength 4 Kids structured exercise program design to promote a positive attitude toward fitness. Strength 4Kids promotes muscle tone, coordination, correct posture and delivers basic nutritional guidelines for healthy eating habits.

Strength 4Kids is held Wednesdays at Naples Elementary School from 1:30-2:15 pm for 8 weeks. The price of the class is $80.00. A certificate of completion is awarded to all participants. Scholarships are readily available.

Strength 4 Kids Grant-Partnership in Education with Naples Elementary school.

Strength 4 Kids has received for the second consecutive year, a grant as partners in education with Naples Elementary school.

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